1st Chevau Léger Lanciers de la ligne

We are the 1st regiment of Light horse lancers. This is a Mount and blade: Napoleonic wars regiment. We play as the brilliant French Empire, vive la france! Our TS server is
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 Current list of available ranks

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PostSubject: Current list of available ranks   Sun Jun 07, 2015 10:48 pm

In game name should be in this format: 1er_LegerLanciers_[rank tag]_[name]

Ranks (In decending order of power):

[Rank] (In game tag) [English equivalent] - People in this rank

Higher Leadership (Unobtainable without Gm appointment):
Grand Maréchal (Gm) [Field Marshal] - Thomas
Colonel (Cl) [Colonel] -
Lieutenant Colonel (2e Cl) [Lieutenant Colonel]
Chef d'Eskadron (Ch) [Major] - Drew

Lower Leadership:
Capitaine de la Garde (CpGrd) - Baxter
Capitaine (Cpt) [Captain] -
Lieutenant (1er Ltn) [First Lieutenant] -
Sous Lieutenant (2e Ltn) [Second Lieutenant] -
Marechal-des-logis (1er Mch) [Seargent Major] -
Sous Marechal-des-logis (2e Mch) [Seargent] -
Brigadier (Brg) [Corporal] -

La Garde du Maréchal (Grd) - Need to pass test to enter this elite group
Cavalier de Premier (1er Cv) - Top of the skill tree, Need to show skill to get to this level
Cavalier (Cv) - Veterans, need to show skill or commitment to proceed to this level
Lancier Elite (1er Lc) - High skilled lancers
Lancier (Lc) - Bulk of the Regiment
Troupe (Tr) - New recruits
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Current list of available ranks
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